To all our wonderful supporters,

The much-awaited milestone moment has arrived – we have started delivering kits to Indiegogo supporters! Our initial shipments have been to local educators in Austin as part of an Early Access Program (EAP) so that we can learn from the preliminary usability data. A big shout out to teachers at Bridgepoint Elementary, Westlake High School, Cedar Creek Elementary and Murchison Middle School for your support during this program. So far, the early feedback from them and their students have been incredibly encouraging.

As for product improvements, work in the last few months focused on three components of the platform – the parts, the app, and the learning resources, all working in unison to deliver a delightful out of box user experience. Specific aspects of improvement include:

1. Streamlining TBlocks: TBlocks is our interactive graphical programming language that is designed to be fun to use while also building an understanding of core coding concepts

2. Educational resources: We now have over 10 online lessons from initial getting-starting exercises to more open-ended exploration-labs spanning a variety of skills in the classroom from physics to architecture. We have also made it really easy to self-deploy and reduce the ramp time to learn how to program Trashbots. Make sure to check them out at today!

3. New, smooth building parts: Yes, we love our 3D printers. As much as they are awesome in the classroom, we love our new colorful building components from our manufacturer in China even more. These are the parts we designed just for Trashbots. Getting these pieces ready for assembly and shipment was a rigorous design process that included over a year of hands-on testing and dozens of variations with students from around the world. The last of the components – the pegs – are being shipped this week and with that, we would have received enough plastics to deliver about 500 kits! The pieces are amazing, and we are eager to get them to you.

Each of these efforts is coming together to deliver a quality classroom tool. With our manufacturing partner, we now have the components for the initial Indiegogo backers and a plan for scaling beyond that.

At this time, we would like to again thank you for your early support and your patience.  As many of you know, we take immense pride in our product and do not take lightly the expectations you all and educators, in particular, have on an outstanding user/student experience.  We look forward to the next update where we hope to inform you that your kits are en route to you!


The Trashbots Team

Sidharth Srinivasan