What’s in the kit?


1 Trashbot

Each Trashbot comes with the plastic body and a Microbit.


8 Pucks

Pucks can be used as wheels for the Trashbot and have grooves to attach other materials.


6 Gears (2 of each size)

The pronged gears fit together which each other and can also be connected to the body of the Trashbot.


4 Axles

Axles are used to attach pucks, gears, and other objects to the body of the Trashbot.


Starting “Trash”

Rubber bands and popsicle sticks come with the kit to get users started with materials for projects.


Micro-USB Cable

The Micro-USB cable attaches to the Microbit and can be used to download firmware, as well as connect the Trashbot to a device.